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Sandra Górecka, Proxy- Chief of Staff

Sandra is an experienced manager. For many years, she has been working directly with company boards, taking an active part in strategy building and increasing its value. For over ten years, she was associated with the global LafargeHolcim Group and later with the Marvipol company operating on the domestic market.

Since 2018, Sandra became a part of the Sunrise System team. Initially, she took the position of Marketing Manager, supporting image-building and sales activities, and optimizing other business processes. Corporate experience, the ability to work in an international environment, and a great business sense allowed Sandra to be promoted quickly. She was directly involved in critical business decisions and strategic projects. As a CEO, she takes care of implementing the company's strategy, maintaining the innovative nature of the solutions offered, and managing a diverse and motivated team.

Sandra is a sociologist by education, who in 2017 also completed postgraduate studies at the Warsaw University of Technology Business School. Currently, Sandra continues her personal development at the Koźminski University in Warsaw.

Privately, she loves to travel and get to know different ways of the worlds' perception. Sandra is also very committed to animal and natural environment protection.