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Agnieszka Tobys, Proxy -Direct Sales Director

Agnieszka is one of the managers at Sunrise System who has forged her career path in the company from the very beginning, working up from junior positions. She joined the company in its early stages, and after several years she has become one of the drivers of its expansion and success.

She started as a saleswoman, very quickly taking on the role of team leader, to finally climb to the top as Direct Sales Director. To this day, she does not manage from behind a desk, but maintains close contact with the market and the customers’ needs.

Agnieszka is known for her unconventional ideas, often critical and uncompromising - always determined to combine the interests of the client with those of the company and the professional satisfaction of the team.

Her experience in implementing key projects, her focus on achieving the company's business objectives as well as her openness and readiness to apply modern solutions in her area of management allow Agnieszka to successfully push the boundaries of team effectiveness while maintaining high levels of motivation and systematically increasing the company's revenues.

As a graduate of the Poznań University of Technology (Marketing and Management), she combines statistics and hard data with the building of sales strategies and commercial standards. Privately, she is a fan of mountain hiking and she loves spending time with her family in the natural environment. She does not shy away from working in the garden, and she recharges her batteries at evening Zumba classes.