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For over 20 years Wamat company works in the area of stage technology. We provide elements necessary for instance during stage performance, such as platforms, stands, lighting clamps.

We are known and appreciated not only in Poland, but also in the whole Europe. For us it means a necessity to be available for customers from various places, sometimes very distant. That is why such important part of our company constitutes the website. Making it visible on the Web in 2004 was entrusted with Sunrise System. They began Search Engine Optimization of our website. The effect in form of high positions in the search results was very quickly visible. It is all thanks to Sunrise System employees involvement in promotion of our company website.The satisfaction with Sunrise System Search Engine Optimization resulted in employing after some time the possibility of Sponsored Links service. It turned out to be a very wise marketing decision. Sponsored Links logically complement the image of the company leading the industry, which we gained thanks to Search Engine Optimization. Thanks to them we are visible in possibly many Internet spaces and it has considerable advertising importance.

We appreciate Sunrise System team's involvement for exactly the same thing we pay for: the result.

Waldemar Burkiewicz
Wamat Sp. z o.o. CEO