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PROMIS E. Pawlak, A. Urbański Sp. j.

PROMIS E. Pawlak, A. Urbański Sp. j.

We have been working with Sunrise System on search engine optimization of our website for almost eight years. We started in August 2012 and have not given up recently, despite situation regarding COVID-19. Why?

Firstly, because the pandemic will finally pass and we want to be prepared well for the situation.

Secondly, we have received support from Sunrise System. Our website is regularly expanded to make it accessible, through various queries, for as many people as possible. What is more, during these difficult times we can count on exceptional treatment when it comes to the finances.

Thirdly, we can see the effects. The total number of site views in February and March this year, when the situation with COVID-19 in Poland deteriorated the most, was increased by 115% compared to February and March last year. This indicator is crucial for us, as we operate in the seasonal industry and it is in the first quarter of the year that we observe a decrease in interest in our manufactured gift boxes. The results of our site are getting better every year which shows that the strategy of search engine optimization provided by Sunrise System is working.

Elżbieta Pawlak