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Mo-bruk S.A.

Mo-bruk S.A.

Sunrise System sp. z o.o. ensured comprehensive management of our website promotional campaign. Mo-BRUK S.A. decided to employ the most effective, in our opinion, service – Performance Marketing campaign. Our most important goal was to increase the number of visits to our website, and through that the promotion of our brand and reaching as wide range of consumers as possible.

The comprehensiveness of customer service of Sunrise System employees deserves the highest appreciation. The actions undertaken by certified Sunrise System experts had various character. The optimization of our website and active promotion through, e.g. contextual advertising or promotional activities in Social Media turned out to be extremely effective in increasing customer’s interest in our website. Thanks to so called synergy effect we observed a substantial growth of traffic on our website. Naturally, it translates into an increase in our brand recognizability as well as growth of the company turnover.

For Mo-BRUK S.A. the security of cooperation is important as well. Constant reports give us an insight into the activities of our partner and the established budget allows to control the expenses connected with the online promotion. Moreover, very beneficial is the transparent method of payment, namely paying only for achieving concrete goals. As a result we can be sure, that Sunrise System makes every effort to ensure that the number of visits to our website constantly grows.

An increase of prestige and the number of Mo-BRUK S.A. customers is the effect of our partner’s work. To all entrepreneurs expecting the same we recommend Sunrise System sp. z o.o.

Wiktor Mokrzycki
Mo-BRUK S.A. Marketing and Communication Vice-President of the Board