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Interesting collections of swimming suits for women, men and kids, competitiveness on the Polish and foreign markets – this is the area of Makr company expertise.
Since the time we operate on the market we pay a lot of attention to correct recognition of our clients needs. The expansion of the Internet meant for us one thing: a necessity to introduce an offer and shopping possibility to our website.

We did not know how to start this form of activity to be immediately recognized as a well-known company. We turned for help to Sunrise System to be promoted to the top positions in the search engine. And they did it for us perfectly.

Sunrise System Search Engine Optimization is the most optimal advertising form: it appears when someone is looking exactly for our products, says exactly what we want to say, reaches the exact people who are looking for us. Thanks to the promotion we achieved an ideal situation: the client looks for us, not we for the client. We have distribution points in every voivodeship, however our company’s Internet store constitutes a vast part of all of our clients. And the Internet sales are generating a large percent of the income.
It can be said that without Search Engine Optimization our start on the Web would be difficult and the effectiveness of the Internet sales much lower.

Krzysztof Kowal
The owner of Makr s.c.