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EUROFIRANY B.B. Choczyńscy Sp.J.

EUROFIRANY B.B. Choczyńscy Sp.J.

The beginning of a business relationship between Eurofirany and Sunrise System dates back to late 2011. Numerous years of fruitful cooperation bear testimony to the effectiveness, flexible approach to the Customer and comprehensive measures of search engine optimisation offered by our partner.

First months of mutual efforts to improve the visibility of our brand were marked by complex SEM Packages, selected for the two websites owned by our company. It allowed us to get acquainted with the full range of Sunrise System’s services, as well as the effects of their work. Our websites appeared in both natural and sponsored Google results (AdWords), we also created our social media profiles and received detailed reports and analyses of the competition and seasonal keywords crucial to our field.

After 3 months, we noticed a surge in the number of visits to our sites. It ultimately convinced us to extend the partnership, which included ranking for a set of high-profile keywords. Smooth continuation of the works also resulted in a swift growth in our position on the first page of Google results, which naturally translated into improved quantity and quality of our websites’ traffic.

At the same time, Sunrise System was helping us with our Google AdWords campaign. We discovered that the expertise backed with extensive experience of a certified professional resulted in a visible improvement, when it comes to the effects of the whole endeavour, which in turn boosted our marketing activities even further.

The following months revolved around systematic analysis, assessment and optimisation of the content, as well as the technical aspects of our websites. The aim was to maintain our ranking, prevent any drops and achieve even higher ranking in the natural search results. In early 2013, the effects of Sunrise System’s work resulted in us expanding the range of our cooperation with the optimisation of the new online store.

We are delighted to fully endorse the opinion about high effectiveness of Sunrise System SEO specialist team. All the websites owned by Eurofirany are ranked on top positions, even for exceedingly competitive keywords.

Bogusław Choczyński
EUROFIRANY B.B. Choczyńscy Sp.J.