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CLIMBEX Spółka Akcyjna

CLIMBEX Spółka Akcyjna

Advanced promotion on the Internet is Climbex S.A. priority in 2012. For such ambitious task we decided to hire Sunrise System professionals. Our developed plans required comprehensive services and we were convinced to buy SEM Concierge package.

The size of activities conducted by Sunrise System experts positively surprised us. The complex analysis of our website allowed first of all to eliminate any shortcomings. We received detailed reports showing the areas on which it is the most beneficial to focus our activities. Each month we are informed on the progress and the effects of our partner’s work as well.

Search Engine Optimization was supported by extensive Google AdWords campaign. Moreover, the contextual advertising and promotional message in social media allowed to multiply the effects of our activities. Our website is currently appearing on the highest positions in the search results. What is more, the Internet users who decide to visit our web page are mostly the people looking for services offered by our company. Precision of the promotional activities is one of the crucial elements of the conducted campaign.

The decision to start the cooperation on such wide scale was for us the right decision. The growth in the number of visits to our website brings us multiple benefits. The service allowed us to improve the prestige of our brand and to reach those people, who are really interested in our services.

Climbex S.A. recommends Sunrise System sp. z o.o. as a company with professional attitude and incredible effectiveness of activities.

Tomasz Tłustochowicz
CLIMBEX S.A. Sales and Marketing Director