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Buchmann operates on Polish publishing market for over a dozen years. In this time we decided to gain a position not only on the traditional bookselling market, but in the right time we also entered with our offer the virtual space. We operate on the Internet through E-Buch.pl Internet bookstore. The issue of promotion is in the case of such sales equally important as in advertising the store, but we realize that the form of such advertisement must be different than standard formats.

Taking it into account we decided that Search Engine Optimization of the Internet bookstore is the best way of its presentation and reaching the customers’ awareness. With the help of Sunrise System specialist we selected keyword phrases characterizing our specificity and allowing the Internet users to reach E-Buch.pl. Experienced employees of this SEO company also started numerous activities to guarantee us prestigious positions in search engines.

We signed the contract with Sunrise System almost a year ago. In the beginning of the cooperation we did not bear any costs, but the works on optimizing the website began almost immediately. On the later stage we paid according to the price list – clear and transparent. We recommend the cooperation with Sunrise System because of the clarity of the contract conditions as well as measurable effects of Search Engine Optimization. As a result of the visibility in search engines we have several times greater chance for the Internet user looking for a reading will reach our bookstore.

Maciej Płonczyński
The president of the Board