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Audio Service company operates for many years in highly specialized industry of medical equipments, namely hearing aids. As a part of SIEMENS corporation we are currently one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids in the world. Thanks to constant innovations and technological progress we can offer more and more perfect solutions for people with hearing impairments. Our mission is to raise the quality of life of this group of people, even more as it constitutes 15% of population and constantly grows. We want for the people with hearing impairments to easily find the information on the products, the hearing organ functioning and be able to quickly and efficiently find our business partners – hearing aid technicians and acousticians – in their region.

Therefore we decided on two complementary methods of promotion on the Internet – medium more and more often used by the society, including the elderly. First of them is Search Engine Optimization of our websites on top positions in search engines, and the second – complementary for it Sponsored Links campaign.

To reach our goal we trusted the leader of the Internet services, Sunrise System. The company encouraged us with comprehensiveness of their activities and quite transparent offer, but first of all – the employees' involvement.

Thanks to Sunrise System we are visible in the most popular search engines, thus strengthening prestige and high position of our company in Poland. Additionally, thanks to well prepared Sponsored Links campaign, we became more visible on the Internet.

Our company, having several websites, employed so far services of other SEO companies, but they do not match the achievements or professionalism of Sunrise System.

Piotr Burzyński
CEO of Audio Service