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E-commerce store using the Shoper platform

Artisart.pl is a unique place where our passion for creation is the secret ingredient to our clients’ satisfaction. We create original wall decor – paintings, custom prints and posters. Sunrise System contributed a great deal to our success, especially one of its employees, Dajanna Ogrodowczyk. She devised a perfect strategy for our company, which included a full, wide-range promotion of our website. At every step of our cooperation she made sure that we get the best possible customer care in terms of commerce and SEO operations. We would like to take this opportunity and thank especially Ms Ogrodowczyk. She knows precisely, which marketing solution to choose for the client’s business. Her suggestions worked perfectly well!

In the past, we’ve tried numerous times to promote our website. Unfortunately, with no results at each attempt. However, at Sunrise System we met highly competent, outstanding professionals. Signing a contract means an actual start of your cooperation, not just of the contract itself! Meticulous website analyses, taking our needs into consideration – all this has a real influence on your business. Sunrise System’s specialists work around the clock and implement numerous modifications, always informing the client beforehand. The company’s approach, well-trained employees, immediate feedback and a full customer care, which was our key criterion – all this keeps assuring us that Sunrise System was the best choice. The whole company deserves a solid A+! We also saved a lot of time thanks to minimal amount of paperwork. The offer is designed in such a way that we don’t have to sign any additional annexes to our existing contract each time we want to expand our current e-commerce offer. On top of that, our impressions skyrocketed by 22% in just a few months and this is just a warm-up! The SEO Cloud approach is a fantastic solution, as the company promotes the entire site without any limits.

That’s a big YES from us for Sunrise System! It’s definitely an agency, which acts as a true business partner and provides you with full marketing support. After all, Google is an infinite resource of business potential, and it’s only up to us if we want to use it to the fullest.

Tomasz Jankowiak