Higher effectiveness standard



Sunrise System is a professional company with great experience and knowledge – shared with its partners. Sunrise System consultants pay great attention to understanding their Clients’ needs, carefully analyzing them and searching for optimal solutions.

A partnership attitude to the cooperation quickly brings effects: soon after starting the cooperation with Sunrise System we noted considerable growth of interest in our website and, in consequence, in offered by us implementation of systems supporting management.

Our company's offer is directed to the managers of the highest and medium management level for whom the Internet is the first source of information and a natural work environment. That is why the company's marketing strategy over traditional channels, such as e.g. newspapers advertisement, values more good image on the Web. Thanks to effective promotion in search engines, lead by Sunrise System, 7milowy is today in its market segment a well-known brand, amongst the top companies in the industry. Our potential clients do not ask anymore "7milowy (7miles) Are you shoes manufacturer?" – as it used to happen in 2004. I am convinced, that our efforts supported by Sunrise System experience in the area of building an image on the Web will result in another successes.

Beata Zbrowska
Marketing Head in 7milowy company