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SEO - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most frequent questions about SEO asked by our new Clients? We have collected the issues most often discussed while negotiating the contract. If you have other questions - we are at your disposal!
  • How does the cooperation with an SEO company look like?
    We ensure transparent rules and support of a whole SEO team.

    Nothing happens behind your back. Each time we plan to introduce changes visible on your website we send a project for your approval. You are always up to date with the progress of the work and whenever you have doubts you can contact us directly.
    SEO of your website is always taken care of by minimum 3 people:
    - SEO Specialist takes care of the technical aspects and controls the accuracy of the whole SEO process;
    - SEO Copywriter creates and edits content as well as optimizes company listing on Google Maps;
    - individual consultant from Customer Service is at your disposal in all formal matters, for example connected with cooperation conditions.
    At the same time we minimize the number of contacts to absolute minimum, so you can focus on running your business.
  • What are the cooperation conditions?
    We believe in flexibility.

    Every business and every industry is different. Which is why we approach your needs individually. Therefore, we do not have one, rigid cooperation template - it all depends on the character of your company, your expectation and possibilities. The best proof? Incredibly diverse portfolio of our Clients! Several payment models to choose from, all based on short and transparent contract.

    Call or write to start negotiations.
  • What is required to start search engine optimization?
    Working website.

    Ideally, it should already include much useful information about the company and professional materials about your industry. If not, it should be kept in mind that for SEO to bring appropriate effect, more work has to be invested in the website.

    You are not sure, whether your website is ready for SEO? Contact us! We will analyze it, show its strengths and weaknesses as well as key areas, which require corrections and/or development. Our SEO Specialists and SEO Copywriters are at your disposal to prepare guidelines or - implement the required changes themselves.
  • SEO vs website redesign - should I wait with SEO until the new site is ready?
    Absolutely not! Redesigning website is the perfect moment to start search engine optimization.

    While creating new website, together with SEO Specialist you can prepare a site which is user and search engine friendly. Thus, a solid foundation for the following SEO work will be made.
    What is more, the SEO effects developed so far can be transferred to the new version of the website. Which is why the faster we start our cooperation the better!
  • What determines the SEO costs?
    The scale of difficulty of the SEO project - namely the amount of work required to develop the effects.

    It is influenced by, for example:
    - competitiveness of promoted keywords - the higher it is, the more resources and time is needed to rank in the top 10 of natural search results,
    - architecture of the promoted website - whether it is SEO friendly, how long does it take to implement changes, what is its history,
    - necessity to conduct additional work - e.g. create new content for the website.

    Naturally, you always have full control over the costs. Before we sign a contract we always inform what are the available options and together we choose the cooperation model and clearly define the budget.
  • Does the search engine optimization require changing the website layout?
    Sometimes yes.
    However, often they are just cosmetic changes.

    Most often it is connected with the necessity to introduce texts – enriched with keyword phrases or completely new ones.
    From time to time we also create new pages or suggest changes in the menu, so the users and Google robots can reach the most important pages of the website easier.
    However, no change is ever introduced without your knowledge. If possible, we always try to suggest an alternative solution to balance your vision of the website appearance with SEO requirements.
  • When can I expect to see the results of SEO?
    We know that you don't like the answer, but - it depends. Times of lightning-fast SEO effects are gone forever.

    We never provide exact date - it is impossible to establish it. The number of pages on the internet constantly grows, which increases the time before search engine robots can crawl and index the optimized website.
    SEO is a process, and the results can be observed after a few weeks or even after a few months. Trying to speed it up, through for example techniques not recommended by Google, might end up in lowered ranking or even complete removal of the website from search engine index. So taking shortcuts is not a good idea.
  • Can Sunrise System guarantee effects?
    „No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.”

    This is a quote from Google help*.
    Therefore, we do not guarantee results. Especially because SEO effects depend on many diverse signals, including those independent of us:
    - changing Google algorithms,
    - history of your website,
    - website architecture,
    - the level of website development,
    - activity of competition,
    - many others.

  • Can we do SEO just once?
    No, search engine optimization is a process designed to achieve long-term effects.

    Did you know, that each year Google introduces thousands of changes and adjustments in their algorithms? That is why currently SEO is a cycle - of optimization, linking, analysis, control, adjustments, another verification... etc.

    What is more, Google selects for top 10 these pages, which, by Google standards, meet users expectations the best. And still, the competition is wide awake! Therefore constant development and updates of the offer, website content is necessary to make it stand out from the competition.
  • Do you do SEO in foreign search engines?
    Yes - in all Google language versions.

    We have achieved success in optimizing websites for German, Russian, English and other Google versions. Some of them require more effort, but it is possible to optimize for search engines in virtually every language.

    However, it is crucial to have the language version of your website, in which you want to promote it.
  • How many keywords can be promoted?
    Unlimited number!
    Our experience proves, that for SEO to translate into visible business effects, at least 5 keywords should be selected. But there is no upper limit! You can promote the website for dozens or hundreds of keywords. Of course, in such model achieving effect for all keyword phrases at the same time is not possible and search engine optimization requires much longer time.
  • Can we change the keywords during our cooperation?
    Yes, while keeping the cooperation balance.
    It is crucial to understand, that optimization for a given keyword takes many hours of work of an SEO Specialist, an SEO Copywriter as well as your business consultant from Customer Service Department. We select the keywords together while negotiating the contract.

    Of course, dynamically changing market situation forces flexibility. That is why we have prepared cooperation models, which allow you to change even 20% of keywords every six months of cooperation.
    We are also always open to your suggestions: if situation requires it, we prepare a project of optimal changes in the contract.
  • How to check the SEO effects?
    By analyzing website ranking and statistics.

    Each month we send a report or you get an access to Client's Panel with a summary of achieved ranking. As a result you can follow the progress of our work on an ongoing basis.

    A side effect of a website ranking in top 10 can also be traffic increase. Therefore, it is also worth to analyze the statistics available in Google Search Console or more advanced Google Analytics.
  • What reports will I get within the service?
    Depending on the selected model of cooperation we prepare accurate reports on conducted work and/or achieved effects.

    We want you to be up to date with the works conducted on the website and outside of it, planned actions and achieved effects. Additionally, you always have a possibility to submit remarks and ask questions about our work. That is why a team of professionals work on your website.

    However, quantitative reports are not all! Frequently, we also send additional materials, which explain how search engine optimization works and how to support it to achieve even better results.