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About SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes actions aimed at promoting a website in search results. All this to employ the popularity of search engines for own business goals.
If your Clients look for something on the Internet, they probably use Google.
How do we know that? Simply, this is the tool the users choose most often - Google share of search engine market in Poland is as much as 97% (1).
Where can you showcase your company in Google? Click the picture below to learn about possibilities of the search engine:
SEO supports businesses in presenting their website as high in organic search results as possible. All this to make it easier for the users to find your offer after they enter a specific query (keyword phrase).
The type of work conducted within SEO depends on the specifics of the website and the established range of cooperation. As a rule, strategic SEO aspects are:
  • Optimization - adjusting the website for both search mechanisms as well as users' preferences; it includes:
    • code optimization - through, for example, proper arrangement of the website's internal structure, removal of crucial errors in the code
    • content optimization for promoted keyword phrases;
  • Link Building - promotion of the website on external sources through linking from e.g. directories;
  • Content Marketing - creating additional, unique and factual materials about a company, brand or products the users look for, taking into account the principles of SEO Copywriting.
Did you know that...
  • "Today Google’s algorithms rely on more than 200 unique signals or “clues” that make it possible to guess what you might really be looking for." (2)
  • 79% of Polish users use the internet every day or nearly every day (4) - these are millions of potential recipients
  • Google Group websites are the most popular amongst users - over 95% of users visit them - namely over 23 mln people in Poland (5)
  • According to research - for every online sale, ads in search engine generate 2,6 sales in traditional shops, and every pound invested in search engine generates 2,32 pounds of revenue (6)
  • Organic search results generate 24% of sales over the internet (7)
  • 53% of users bought a product / service over the internet over the last 30 days (8)
Is it worth to outsource SEO to external company?
Yes, especially if your company does not have a team ready to conduct full-time work on promoting the website.
Take into account:
  1. SEO is not a one-time action, but a process. Achieving high ranking requires involvement of different specialists, as well as time and regularity.
  2. SEO is a field developing in an impressive pace. Google regularly updates its algorithms (even several thousand times a year (3)) - to make them more and more precise. It's all done to make the search engine display these results, which users want.
  3. Google in (for example) 2006 and Google a decade later are different environments. The search engine changed visually, more criteria are taken into account while calculating the ranking of pages. SEO requires vast knowledge and even more flexibility. Methods which were effective yesterday today might simply not be enough.
  4. Effectiveness of SEO therefore depends, for example, on:
    • investments - to a large portion it means time
    • potential of the promoted website - including its content, history etc.
    • skills of the SEO team - because SEO is a team effort.
  5. Why Sunrise System?
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If you are also interested in sponsored search results (Google Ads) or a combination of SEO with Google Ads – check comprehensive possibilities of advertising in search engines.
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