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SEM+ - Frequently Asked Questions

Almost daily changes in algorithms, new technologies, new users interests - all this makes e-marketing one of the most exciting and... changeable industries. What actions can we undertake, apart from the proven ones like SEO and PPC? Our Clients most often ask:
  • What benefits come from combining SEO and PPC?
    Your clients use different media at different times of day. They make their opinion not on the basis of one information, single ad or a recommendation. Displaying a website's address in organic and sponsored results increases the probability of visiting it and learning about the offer.
    Combination of SEO and PPC gives additional chance to complete several goals. Through search engine optimization you promote your whole website in a long-term perspective. AdWords ads are so flexible, that you can freely, each season, change the message, advertise different products, promotions.
  • What can you do to remove some results from Google TOP 10?
    Demote unwanted content. On individual request we develop a strategy of promoting selected content and "pushing out" these results, which for example slander our Client.
  • What do you do within social media campaign?
    Within dedicated service we create for your company profiles on the most popular social media portals, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+. The subscription includes an option to publish a specified number of posts in a given time and reporting on users engagement.
  • What actions do you conduct within content / inbound marketing packages?
    On the basis of materials you selected as a reliable source of information about your industry, we prepare any number of articles / notes / blog entries / content for new pages. What is more, we prepare such content according to SEO Copywriting guidelines, so you get double the benefit:
    - content for your page, blog, marketing materials
    - perfect support for SEO effort - well-written and linked topical content is one of the signals with key importance for SEO effects.
  • What can you do for a page with "harmful" SEO history?
    Sometimes, before Clients cooperates with us, their website is promoted with adverse effects. When websites violate Google guidelines, they can be penalized by so called filter or ban, which makes their future promotion impossible.

    To start promoting a website with a clean slate or just to remove the penalties, we will take care of "cleaning" this difficult history, through for example analysis of the link profile and submitting bad links to Google.
  • What do you offer within web analytics?
    What do you want to know about you website and users who visit it? Are you interested in marketing trends in your industry? Activity of your competition in search engines?

    Ask and we will find an answer, for example through Google Analytics. As a certified Google Analytics Partner, hiring a team of people with individual certificates, we will prepare a cross-section reports on any parameter collected by the tool. Data is not everything - you can, naturally, count on our interpretation and advice in the area of developing positive trends and compensating for negative ones.
    On which stage does a user abandon shopping cart? Where do my clients come from at all? Knowing means reacting.
  • Can you prepare a mobile version of my website?
    YES - in a convenient, simplified version.

    For all of our Clients, but also other businesses, in a short time we can prepare simple mobile site including key information for users.
    You do not overpay and your recipients will have no problem finding information about your company while using such devices as smartphones. For some time now Google checks whether a website has a mobile version, so at the same time you influence your visibility for search engine robots.