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About SEM+

Search Engine Marketing is not just SEO and PPC. Goals and expectations of Clients promoting websites can be so diverse, that more and more SEM solutions are custom-made.
Internet means possibilities. Employ comprehensive strategy or one-time actions important for your business:
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To achieve multiplied advertising effect on the 1st page of search results
Presentations, workshops and lectures for your employees about SEO / SEM tailored to your needs as a strategic support in running a business
Setting a profile and managing activity on social media - for example on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
E-commerce optimization
Actions dedicated to online shops
Content Marketing
Content for you website or for the internet, taking into account SEO and marketing goals, including: creating new pages, running a blog, preparing sponsored articles
Performance Marketing
Marketing and sales campaigns paid for by conversions, including for example growth of the number of visits to the website
Repair works in emergency situations, such as for example harmful for SEO backlink history of the domain
Creating simple mobile version (for mobile devices) of your website - so it is user and search engine friendly on smartphones and tablets as well
Online analytics
Collection and interpretation of statistical data gathered through professionally configured Google Analytics - in order to, for example, evaluate / change current marketing strategy or calculate the website potential for future advertising campaigns
SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management)
Management of information about the company in search results - on individual request
Support and advice for your company's Marketing Department
Support for your team through dedicated training, custom reports and analyses - and other solutions, which require advanced SEM skills - on individual request
Analyses and audits
Verification of current website parameters crucial for its online visibility and preparation of guidelines for optimization of these parameters
Other custom solutions
On individual request