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PPC Pricing

Cost per click on a link for a keyword is a starting point when calculating the Google Ads campaign budget. In the most competitive industries the cost per click reaches tens of zlotys - at the same time we know how to lower the costs and keep high positions in the auction with other advertisers.
Are you planning a seasonal campaign? Choose comfortable, no-obligation proforma service.
Do you expect constant visibility in sponsored search results? Save on long-term cooperation based on a contract.
Prices for campaigns start from:
We manage campaigns from (price per package):choose from PROFORMAor CONTRACT
clicksmanagement costsclicksmanagement costs
We manage campaigns from:price per package:PLN 499choose from PROFORMAclicks:PLN 350management costsPLN 149or CONTRACTclicks:PLN 360management costsPLN 139
Which Package is appropriate for my business?
In order to calculate the costs of your individual campaign and to check current promotions, contact our business advisors: