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PPC - Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads campaign can be a short and relatively simple advertising effort in search engines - or a process based on long-term strategy in numerous channels. We will gladly talk about our experience and standards in Google Ads campaigns management. Here are the questions our Clients ask most frequently:
  • Why outsource Google Ads?
    It's an ad system, which constantly evolves. Each year Google introduces hundreds of changes in ad polices, interface or types of available campaigns. We monitor these updates and, whenever needed, implement them on Clients accounts. Our Certified Google Ads Specialists know how to build effective campaign and how to optimize the work while maintaining ad quality.
    Therefore, from company specialized in Google Ads, you can expect more clicks within the planned budget, than you would get from a campaign managed on your own.
  • What is exceptional about a campaign managed by a Certified Google Ads Specialist?
    While managing a Google Ads campaign crucial things are: professional knowledge, experience and regular work on the account. A Google Ads specialist not only uses available Google tools. Thanks to experience in numerous campaigns, they know, which of the available solutions might, with the highest degree of probability, increase the chances of success for a given Client. In the end, details decide about the campaign's success: regularity of changes, order on the account, high quality of keyword phrases. The role of a Google Ads Specialist is to manage the campaign in a way, which brings as many quality visits to the website as possible.
  • What possibilities Sunrise System has as a Premier Google Partner?
    As a Premier Google Partner we have access to exclusive knowledge and the best practices of the Ads system. Google informs us about new features, we know what changes are going to be introduced in the nearest future and we can quickly - faster than the competition - include them on our Clients' accounts. Our sales teams take part in trainings conducted by Google Trainers while the Ads Specialists receive immediate support of a dedicated Google team.
  • PPC vs SEO - what and when to choose?
    PPC campaigns are great when you cannot wait for the SEO results, within seasonal actions as well as to strengthen the marketing effect achieved thanks to search engine optimization.

    Google Ads can be launched immediately and after just fifteen minutes from the launch, the ads are visible in Google search engine or display network. SEO, on the other hand, is based on long-term work and haste is not recommended.

    It is worth to employ both solutions:
    - SEO as a source of traffic for the most important keywords for the company,
    - Google Ads as a great solution for a flexible promotion of the offer for hundreds of keyword phrases.
  • Who and where will see my ad?
    You decide
    – we meet your expectations through correct account settings.

    Ads can be displayed in Google sponsored results, when the users look for your products, and on other websites the users visits.

    What's important, your ad will be displayed to users on different devices - desktop (computers) and mobile (tablets, smartphones).

    Vast possibilities are offered by targeting ads according to different geographic and demographic criteria. We will display your ads in the hours your users purchase the most. If you operate locally - your links will be displayed to users from precisely selected area (country, region or city).
  • Do you run campaigns on YouTube?
    Yes, next to campaigns in the search engine or display network we manage Ads campaigns on YouTube and on hundreds of websites which allow to display video materials. To run such campaign, we only need a video.
  • How to monitor the campaign effects?
    Do you care about increasing the traffic on your website, brand recognition, calls from clients or purchases?

    Google offers a range of solutions, which allow you to monitor these parameters and make changes.

    1) monthly reports on Ads campaign sent directly to your mailbox.
    They will inform you about the number of clicks, views the campaign generated, its CTR (click through rate) and costs. Remember, that each click on the ad leads users to your website, so each time you have a chance to win a new client.

    2) Google Analytics - this free tool lets you measure overall traffic and users behavior on your website, including:
    - time of visit,
    - number of pages visited,
    - bounce rate,
    - in shops - number of purchases (including their value) generated by each source of traffic on the website.
  • How long should the Ads campaign be run?
    There are no universal guidelines.

    In many cases seasonal promotion is enough - e.g. for one-time party or sales. It is also a proven channel of reaching your Clients regularly, all year round. Longer time has also some influence on developing good history on the account.

    With regular changes and optimization there is a possibility to get better score from Google. High score allows to get good ad positions at lower costs per click.
  • How often can I modify the campaign?
    Ads system does not limit the number of modifications you can make to a campaign. Any time we can adjust any setting: budget, keyword phrases, bids or ad content. However, it is always worth to consider whether the change we introduced earlier had enough time to adapt on the account and whether it is certain that another adjustment will correct the campaign's effects. Large changes introduced too often might result in chaos on the account and cause lower score of the campaign's effectiveness.
  • How does the cooperation with an agency look like?
    Cooperation with Sunrise System includes:
    - initial analysis - of industry, promoted offer and search trends
    - development of campaigns project: choice of campaign type, list of keyword phrases, channels
    - preparation of ads content
    - set up of an account in Client's Panel
    - campaign launch
    - ongoing optimization
    - reporting.
  • What is the minimum budget of Ads campaign?
    Depending on campaign's goals and bids for given keyword phrases (learn more about cost per click - go to "How much does a click cost?"). The higher the campaign's budget, the more freedom we have in bidding costs per click and the higher the chance to generate more traffic on our website.
  • How much does a click cost?
    Cost per click on an ad depends on:
    - maximum bid, we are ready to pay per click,
    - bids of the competition,
    - developed keyword phrases quality score.

    Each time users enter our keyword phrase as a query there is a virtual auction between all advertisers in the Ads system.

    If we have established, that we are ready to pay maximum 1 zloty per click and a competitive company is ready to pay for the same keyword 1,01 zloty, the competition ad will be displayed higher.

    However, the maximum bid we have set is not the only factor influencing the position of our ad. Optimization by Certified Google Ads Specialists aims at minimizing the campaign costs while maximizing the number of clicks and maintaining appropriate ads exposure.
  • How much clicks is in the budget?
    Before we launch the campaign we are not able to provide the exact number of clicks we will be able to get within a given budget.

    These costs change very dynamically and in the beginning we can only estimate them on the basis of suggested bids in Keyword Planner tool.

    So if our budget for clicks is 1000 ZL and suggested by Google average bid per click is 1 ZL, we can count on about 1000 clicks on our ads.

    However, we must always remember, that these are just estimate costs calculated on the basis of average price of these keywords in the last 12 months.

    Final number of clicks and costs is influenced by changing trends, seasonality of keyword phrases, current competition as well as regular and professional campaign optimization.
  • Remarketing campaign - what is it?
    Have you noticed, that after you have browsed the offer of some website or online shop, you now see their ads on other websites? If yes, then you have already met with remarketing. Such campaign allows to target Clients, who have already visited your website. Remarketing ads - text, image or video - are displayed in Google display network and in the search engine.
  • Display network - what is it?
    Google display network includes over 2 million different pages, apps and videos, which allow you to display Google ads. As much as 90% of all users browse their favorite websites or YouTube videos every day. Thanks to display network you can precisely target these users with your marketing message.
  • PPC / CPC - what does it mean?
    PPC – pay per click – the abbreviation is for an ad system, in which the payment is for every single click.

    CPC – cost per click – actual cost of every click on an ad.
  • CPM - what does it mean?
    CPM (cost per mille) - is a model of Ads campaign available in display network campaigns, in which the costs are calculated for every thousand views of ads.
  • Shopping campaign - what is it?
    It is a campaign in search engine, which uses ads with list of products. This type of ads provides users with detailed information even before they click the ad. It is a solution for online shops. Ads are displayed on Google search results page along with visible picture of the product, detailed name, price and name of the shop.
  • Google Merchant Center - what is it?
    Google Merchant Center is an account where you include basic information about a company and a shopping document to display ads in so called Google Shopping.