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About PPC

If your Clients increasingly often shop online or do not like traditional or random ads, they will surely gladly click sponsored Google Ads links!
According to Google publication: "Wyszukiwarka klientów Google AdWords – przewodnik dla szefów”, people use the internet to:
88% check email
82% search for information about products
82% check news, sports, weather*
(*TNS/Google(2014): Connected Consumer Study – Results Poland, after: „Wyszukiwarka klientów. Google AdWords – przewodnik dla szefów”)
You Clients surely use the internet the same way - become visible to them through Google Ads.
You can follow their interests and advertise in many channels:
The PPC (pay per click) campaign our Clients use most often is Google Ads sponsored links. This advertising platform is made available directly by Google. It allows to quickly display sponsored search result on the first page of the search engine, above or below organic results. It is an ad, but discrete and perceived as the information sought for. It is the answer the users expect to get for their query.

See how it works:

Jak działa Google Ads?

Check examples of ads and places they are displayed in:

Each Google Ads sponsored links campaign:

  1. Is launched on an individual Google account
  2. Must by managed according to the guidelines published by Google
  3. Requires creating links' content and a group of precise keyword phrases
  4. May be paid per click (PPC) or per thousand views (CPM - cost per mille)
  5. Allows flexible management: bidding different costs per click, targeting selected group of recipients at a given time
  6. Might be conducted in search engine, display network etc.
  7. Requires regular optimization - introduction of changes in reaction to changing results, queries, number of companies competing for a given keyword

Within Google Ads campaign management we offer:

  1. Preparation of strategy based on your specific goals
  2. Suggestion of keyword phrases matching your expectations
  3. Editing ads content
  4. Advice in the area of a perfect schedule and targeting: we will define target groups, hours, locations and websites other than Google, where it is worth to display your links
  5. Setting up Google account
  6. Setting up an account in Client's Panel with access to the whole campaign and possibility to control our work
  7. Reports
  8. Introduction of changes in the campaign each time it is beneficial for your campaign or whenever you want